Game of Werewolves - Movie-Themed Slots

Online casinos have seen their popularity increase over the years and have made quite an effort to move forward and provide new features in order for customers to be pleased. Variety is a key element in a gambling site's reputation and a couple of hundred slots are now considered the fewest an online casino can have to attract clients.

Themed slots have become quite appealing and more gambling sites have taken good care of putting such games on their domain. The most successful ones have been movie themed slots, with Basic Instinct, Baywatch, A Nightmare on Elm Street captivating audience and gamblers alike. Would love if Game of Werewolves is going to be there. But how have these games so easily got the attention of so many people?

Relive your Favourite Movies

Many of the movie themed slots on Game of Werewolves are based on films that have been box office hits more than a decade ago. Online casinos know that nostalgia is a big influencer when it comes to human emotions. And that folks who have been fascinated by these movies back then are now old enough to gamble and have the right age to be financially independent (30-40 years old).

A second reason why movie slots have been successful is the 3D graphic. People want to be carried away by the atmosphere of the games the awesome 3D graphic these slots have is fascinating. It sets a certain tone and never fails to meet expectations. The stories these movies have surely served to their praising, as many of them offer interesting and intriguing features.

Bet on Movie Themed Slots

These type of games are designed in such a way as to engage movie fans and make them feel like they're in the actual film. Make money and have fun, remembering what made you happy during your childhood or adolescent years. Many online casinos offer special jackpots for slots based on movies, giving you more reasons to look forward to Game of Werewolves and other titles.

Furthermore, a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus could see you with extra coins to play slots. Gamble with no risk whatsoever or at least double your initial deposit. Both alternatives are ideal for a newcomer who has a passion for games and movies. New games are typically released in conjunction with no deposit bonuses, more reasons for you to monitor what's going on in the gambling community.

Experience Game of Werewolves

From all the slots based on movies, there are a few that catch your eye straight from the beginning. One of them will certainly be Game of Werewolves, inspired by a horror movie with some hilarious moments and great special effects. The storyline is quite an interesting one and it starts when Tomas, an author, returns to his home town. There, his uncle plans to sacrifice him due to an ancient curse on the village.

Also, there is a 10-year-old boy who's being held captive because at every full moon he turns into a ravenous werewolf and the legend says that only the blood of a relative can break the curse.

The plot twist is that a second curse states that if the first curse hasn't been broken within 100 years, the entire village will turn into werewolves. From there all, all hell breaks through and there is where all the "fun" begins. We're sure that this will make one of the best movie themed slots, one which both movie fans and gamblers can enjoy.

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