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Game of Werewolves or Lobos de Arga is a horror movie with some hilarious moments and great special effects. The story revolves around Tomas, an author, who returns to his home town to write. His uncle has plans to sacrifice him due to an ancient curse on the village. A 10 year old boy is being held captive because at every full moon he turns into a ravenous werewolf and it seems that only the blood of a relative can break the curse. A second curse also states that if the first curse hasn't been broken within 100 years, the entire village will turn into werewolves. This is what happens and there are some hilarious moments that ensure as well as violence. The special effects are amazing and we couldn't help think when writing our Game of Werewolves review that this would make a fantastic free slot machine game.

Movie Themed Slot Games

Movies are an experience everyone enjoys and taking this experience even further, we have seen some of the top movies being turned into slot machine games. Movie themed titles are designed to show you the film as a whole. They come with a range of features including multipliers, paylines, bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and more. There are games with 3 reels and 5 reels and since they are hybrids you get to play more than the usual game. These titles can be very interesting and the developers really do put a lot of thought into them. They are designed in such as way as to engage movie fans with different elements including to make the game feel like the actual film. This involves using parts of the story and implementing it into the game. For example, in the Lord of the Rings slot game you have footage from the actual movie before you play the game. From here you have to play well in order to see more of the story. One distinctive feature of these games are the unique bonus rounds.

Playtech and Microgaming are known for creating great movie themed slots and we could just see how they would turn Game of Werewolves into an amazing title. It could be similar to the Jaws slots game or maybe even Star Wars. It could even be similar to the Marvel slots games which are really popular.

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